Provide Customized Tools

Curveu provides customized tools directly to the student that will help improve their grade. We gather all the student's academic data through APIs and the student's username and password for their Student Information System or Learning Management System.

Archive Data

All data is archived from the moment the student starts using Curveu. Currently, when a student transfers schools or when a school year ends, the student loses all of their assignment data. Curveu solves this by archiving all of the assignment data. If a student wants to look back at last year's assignments, then all they have to do is select last semester and dig away. This enables the student to go back and see what their strong points are by finding the trends in their previous school years.


Curveu uses the available APIs that most Student Information Systems offer. We are able to bring all the student's data that is available from their respective system directly into Curveu via their system's username and password.

A list of all currently integrated schools and their system status may be seen here.

What Systems We Support

  • Infinite Campus
  • PowerSchool
  • Blackboard

What Systems We Are Currently Working On Integrating

  • Moodle
  • Desire2Learn

We believe that every student needs the tools to succeed in school. Being former high school students, as well as, current college students we understand how hard it can be for a student without the proper tools. We have created the tools that we would have wanted while we were in high school.

Daniel Brooks

With a background in software engineering, Daniel has programmed almost all of the Curveu site. This includes everything you see, as well as, the work happening behind the scenes. Prior to Curveu, Daniel worked at Orbital Network Engineering (creating custom Java Interface GUI's) and SolutionSet (Creating iOS Prototypes). Currently, when not working on Curveu, Daniel oversees development on various Space System projects at DABSquared (Sponsor of Curveu). He was also recognized by the San Jose Mercury News for his IC Connector app (now Curveu Free) which changed the way students thought about their education on the go. Some other apps under his belt are DABSeller (Discontinued) and Vixen (Discontinued).

Douglas Bolm

Designing in photoshop since his junior year in high school, Douglas handles all graphic aspects of the Curveu Team. This includes all button styles, navigation bars, and text styles. Not only can Douglas design, but he also has a knack for business. All business aspects of Curveu are handled by Douglas. He sets up advertising meetings, marketing tactics, and all business powerpoints. Without Douglas, Curveu would look like plain text and we would have no business model. Prior to Curveu, Douglas worked on designing IC Connector app (now Curveu Free) and DABSeller (Discontinued). Currently, when not working on Curveu, Doug oversees design on various Space System projects at DABSquared (Sponsor of Curveu).

Michael Brooks

Working with a background in Silicon Valley for companies such as, Trilogy, Tandem, Telespree, Orbital Network Engineering, and contract work for the nuclear industry, Michael brings a vast pot of knowledge to the Curveu Team through his experience. Michael helps out Curveu with all aspects. Working at many startups through the years Michael has learned the dos and don'ts of small groups and provides valuable knowledge to the team. He also assists in the integration of other Student Information Systems with Curveu.

We believe in it. Do you?

We hope for Curveu to turn into a vast system where any student can easily create an application that can help better their education. By providing and storing all the necessary education data we will allow students to create applications that use anonymous data and better their education.

Want to help Curveu succeed?

If you want to help Curveu succeed, then give us a shout out on twitter, (@curve_u), Facebook, or AngelList! Any donations would also be appreciated.

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