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The Grades tool allows you to see all of your course grades on one screen. Unlike other grade systems, we show the student exactly what they want to see right after login.


Using Collaboration a student can communicate on a class level or assignment level with other students. All these communications are also archived so that a student can always go back and see what was talked about in the past.


With Notifications, a student will stay up-to-date on what happens in their classes. The student can choose to receive an email every three days, seven days, or every day.


With To-Dos, Curveu provides the student with a list of all assignments that are due in the next 7 days or past due. This allows a student a quick glance at what they need to do.


The Calculator tool allows a student to calculate what they need to get on an assignment to improve their grade. It also allows a student to see what would happen if they were to get a different grade on an assignment.


The Statistics tool allows a student to see where they place in their classes in relation to their classmates. The more students in the class that use Curveu, the more statistics that you will see.


With Suggestions, Curveu provides the student with a specialized Google and YouTube search that uses the course's title. Eventually, other sites and suggestions will appear here.


With Attendance, Curveu provides the student and parent with days they were absent or excused from class.

"Daniel Brooks and Douglas Bolm have developed a gradebook app
for students with functionality that I have yet to see...solves a problem...and makes simple sense. Why wouldn't a student want to use it?!"

Marilyn Quinsaat
VP Business Development, Empirical Education

"As the parent of two teenagers
just out of high school myself, I can also personally attest to the compelling nature of the service being offered. Parents and kids are going to be all over this."

Thomas Leavitt
Consulting Director of IT, Santa Cruz Public Library System

"I was introduced to the founders of Curveu
while I was working at Google. I was immediately impressed by their focus and passion on improving the way students can manage their grades to help them achieve their academic goals. The market they are addressing needs the kind of ideas and innovation they are pursuing."

Alberto Savoia
Engineering Director and Innovation Agitator, Google Inc.

"Curveu is a great way to
stay on top of your GPA in order to get into that special college or further your education."

Curveu User

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