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Press Release

New Platform by Curveu Helps Students and Parents Monitor Grades and

Improve Students’ Performance

Using collected student data a student can create a “what if” scenario to help them understand what they need to do to get a better grade in class.

San Jose, CA, October 8, 2012: Curveu announced the official release of their free platform at This Student Information System (SIS) allows students to monitor their grades in classes and create “what if” scenarios to help improve their grades. It allows them to ask the question "Miss Smith, what do I need to get on the next test to make my grade go from a C to a B?" Curveu provides customized tools directly to the student that will help improve their grade. We gather all of the student's academic data through APIs to the schools Student Information System or Learning Management System.

Other features of this platform include the ability to:

Collaborate with other students in the class.

View the distribution of grades by class and assignment.

Search for relevant information on a specific assignment. Targeted search eliminates all the extra hits found by Google.

Student data is collected multiple times a day from the schools’ Information system. Data is always available for all semesters/quarters since students started using Curveu, unlike traditional SIS systems which lock you out of looking at your information during the summer, or after the semester/quarter has ended. If a student wants to look back at last year's assignments, then all they have to do is select last semester and dig away. This enables the student to go back and see what their strong points are by finding the trends in their previous school years.

“I was introduced to the founders of CurveU while I was working at Google. I was immediately impressed by their focus and passion on improving the way students can manage their grades to help them achieve their academic goals. The market they are addressing needs the kind of ideas and innovation they are pursuing.”

Alberto Savoia Engineering Director and Innovation Agitator at Google Inc.

Currently we support:

Coming Soon

Infinite Campus

Power School



Mobile app coming soon!


About Curveu

Curveu believes that every student needs the tools to succeed in school. Being former high school students, as well as, current college students we understand how hard it can be for a student without the proper tools. We have created the tools that we would have wanted while we were in high school.

CEO, Daniel Brooks has a background in software engineering and has programmed almost the entire Curveu site. Daniel worked at Orbital Network Engineering creating custom Java Interface GUI's and SolutionSet. Currently, when not working on Curveu, Daniel is the lead iOS Programmer at AppBuilder 360 where he developed ICE For Pets, Cloud 9 Learning, and Dare Ya (The Social Mobile Game of Dares. He was also recognized by the San Jose Mercury News for his IC Connector application which changed the way students thought about their education on the go.

COO, Douglas Bolm handles all graphic aspects of the Curveu Team. This includes all button styles, navigation bars, and text styles. Douglas handles business operations for Curveu as well as marketing. Prior to Curveu, Douglas worked on designing IC Connector and DABSeller.

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